Jobbezeichnung 【Near Munich】Quality assurance Manager(m/f/d)

Manufacturing Company

Arbeitsort Near Munich

For our client, a Japanese manufacturering company in suburb Munich, Germany, we are looking for a Quality assurance Manager who can work for Quality Improvement of our tools and modification, way of usual work and system to get the customer’s satisfaction.


Ihre Aufgaben: 

  • Customer score card / RBA controlee: handling PRFQ and MRFQ to keep the due date and 100 % score with Japan and the window person of the general quality audit(RBA)
  • Local business support 1: handling the modification quality *holding the risk assessment at each modification with Japan factory and solve the issues in escalation situation ( less feasible modifications and price gaps or lead time gaps etc.) at the modification on-site communicating with Japan engineers
  • Local business support 2: handling the tool quality before/at/after the installation. *holding the risk assessment/quality meeting between the customer site and Japan and solve the issues at the installation beforehand/afterword
  • Local business support 3: handling the industrial robot refurbishment. Manage the robot quality improvement and refurbishment schedule with industrial robot company. Promoting the new refurbishment business to the customers
  • Customer’s Quality claim controlee: The customer issued official quality complaints management by creating 8D with Japan
  • SEDE safety and quality working controlee: SMWA at IMEC and quality audit at each site (suspended due to CORONA situation) The purpose is Improvement of working quality to prevent the human error or mistakes in our client
  • Handling the technical and communication issues which is difficult for the local people to resolve it with Japan: Take an initiative to hold a meeting and asking as a mediator between Japan and site engineers to resolve the complicated issue (high escalated or under high pressure) due to the communication or politic reason
  • Handling the technical documents quality: check the actual documents revision in US share points and make an update arranging the translation so that the technical documents are always ready to use worldwide.


Ihre Qualifikation:

  • TQM, ISO, 5S in Japan and Intel safety and quality experience
  • You must be responsible general quality and customer satisfaction
  • No quality issue at each field ,technically, work and tools
  • Business level of English and Japanese is mandatory
ID 23804